About Us

This site was started because we have a love for finding new and unique ways to make our lives better. We thought that if an idea was good for one then it might be good for a more than one. We also believe that knowledge not shared is at risk of being lost. To ensure that we are sharing the best possible recommendations with our readers, we have crafted a very strict ethics policy that applies to everything we do on this web site. It is our hope that by sticking to our core values we will be able to earn your trust and be a primary source of information that you enjoy reading. In many cases our ethics policy exceeds the normal standards in our industry.

Independence from commercial interests

To ensure that we are not influenced by companies we write about we:

  • Do not accept anything of value from anyone
  • Do not sell products
  • Do not allow anyone to review our content before we publish it here
  • Do not provide endorsements of any kind
  • Do not get paid to write or change any content

Like any business we do need to generate revenue to ensure that we are able to continue providing you with great tips to improve your experiences. This revenue comes from affiliate links embedded in our posts and any ads you may see on our site.

Affiliate Links

An affiliate link is simply a link that indicates to a store that our site referred you to them to make a purchase. You will always pay the same price as if you went to the store directly. You will always be buying from the store directly as well. The store simply gives us a commission for referring you to them out of their profit.


Everyone is familiar with advertisements. We partner with advertisers to provide space on our web-site where the advertisers can place ads. We use a combination of several industry leading sources for ads. These advertisers determine the content of those ads based on your interactions with them. If you feel that any of the ads are inappropriate, please contact us and we will do our best to help minimize or remove that content.

Since the ads are placed directly by the advertising networks, you can rest assured that they have had no influence over the content that we write and publish ourselves.