Foam fan and microfiber cloth keeps kids cool safely

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Florida is known as the Sunshine state for a reason……it can get HOT. This is especially true when travelling in summer months, which many people do based on cost and vacation time. So the question is how do you keep everyone comfortable safely?

Foam Stroller Fan

Fans are great. They keep you cool and don’t require any action on your part. However, they are also great at catching little fingers. This is where fans made of foam can be a real life-saver. One such item that we really love using is called the Dreambaby Clip-on Stroller Fan. This fan is powered by standard AA batteries and the blades are made of foam. When your little one grabs the fan it simply stops. They also move a good amount of air so you will be cooled just having ones of these.

NOTE: There are many similar looking products on Amazon. While they all might have similar features, we have only looked at the Dreambaby brand.

Micro-fiber cooling cloth

Another great way to stay cool is by using a micro-fiber cooling cloth. This is basically a thin cloth made of micro-fiber that you get wet. Once you wring out all of the excess water – so the towel is just damp – you can place it on your neck or head and it will cool you off.

I know, I know, you don’t believe us. The first time we tried heard of this we were also doubtful. We can tell you that it really works.

These items are plentiful on Amazon and should be able to easily find one in a color or design you like. You can also purchase these while at Disney with their characters…….but the price might be different from other sources.

We hope that you enjoy your visit to a Disney park and that this tip may make your trip a little more magical.

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